Royalty Line 24cm Die Cast Granit Coating Pancake Pan


Concept & Design
Since its foundation, Royalty Line has been focusing on providing advance concept and design of kitchen and household products to the world market.
Royalty Line has set to itself a target of offering its users the most easy to use, comfortable, durable and innovative products in today?s highly competitive market.
Royalty Line focuses on supplying a wide variety of goods which cover most basic element of use in the kitchen and on the table of everyday users. Each item from its concept idea to the design construction is made to appeal and satisfy its users. Quality and precision are the two driving forces behind the brand.
Keeping up with world trends and the ever growing demand for high quality, durable and eye catching products is Royalty Lines mission.
We believe that with precision in the kitchen we can reach the highest user satisfaction.
“Cook in to a whole new experience with Royalty Line ”

Pancake pan is coated with granite coating.
Because of the antibacterial cover your Pancake pan will not alter flavors or absorb odor.
The minimum usage of cooking oil will guarantee healthier food with less calories.
High heat distribution saves not only time, but also electricity.
Ergonomic hit resistant handle ensures the comfort and safety in your kitchen.
Pancake pan can be used on all types of stoves: induction, electric, ceramic, gas stoves and also on halogen cooktops.


Non-Stick Marble Coating
Durable & Light Die Cast Body
Dishwasher Safe

After removing all labels, gently wash your Pancake pan with mild detergent and water. Dry it with a soft cloth. Condition your frying pan with a little vegetable oil and wipe the excess. Periodic conditioning will maintain your cookware?s non-stick performance. Avoid using hard sponges and sharp metal objects such as forks and knives ? it might damage the inner coating of your frying pan.

Care and cleaning:
After cooking, cool your Pancake pan on a heat resistant surface. Do not attempt to cool it by pouring cold water into the hot cookware straight away. Clean it with mild detergent and hot water. Use non-abrasive cleaning products designed for non-stick surfaces. You can also clean your cookware in a dishwasher.

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