Nutribullet – 900W Blender Pro – Set of 9


Nutribullet – 900W Blender Pro – Set of 9
The NutriBullet 900 series provides all the nutritional benefits of the original NutriBullet and more. With it’s 900 watt motor and increased capacity, the NutriBullet Pro even further pulverizes the toughest of ingredients including fresh turmeric root, blackberry seeds, wheat grass, kale and more. The Pro has 900W of power, compared to the 600W in the classic. RPM is 25000 compared to the 10000 in the classic. It also comes with a extra large “colossal” cup, the capacity is 945ml. The unique design of the extractor blade, when combined with the NutriBullet Pro exclusive cyclonic action, generates the power to break through tough seeds, thick stems and tough skin to access the hidden nutrition inside
– BPA free
– High torque power base with 900W of power
– The blade is made of stainless steel and never needs sharpening
– We recommend replacing your extractor blade every 6 months or as needed for optimal performance
– Attach the included lip ring for comfortable drinking
– Seal it off with the included resealable lid to lock in the freshness
– Take your NutriBlast – the extracted beverage made in the NutriBullet Pro on the road with the resealable flip top to-go lid
– This lid fits onto any NutriBullet Pro cup, and provides an easy, mess-free opening through which to drink your concoctions
Colour: Champagne
Warranty: Limited (12 months)
Weight: 4.1 kg
Programmable: No
Brand: Nutribullet
Model: 690-000009-A
Assembled Dimensions: 13.5 x 35.5 x 14 cm
Power: 900 W
Packaged weight: 4.1 kg
Cordless: No
Materials: Stainless steel
Digital: No
Unpacked Weight: 4100 g
Material: Plastic

What’s in the box
x 1 High torque power base
x 1 Extractor blade
x 1 Tall cup
x 1 Colossal cup
x 1 Resealable lid
x 1 Comfort lip ring
x 1 Flip top to-go lid
x 1 Pocket nutritionist book
x 1 Recipe book


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