XZQ Band Package – 4 x Resistance Bands , Handles & Ankle Straps


Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re a fitness champ, this package is all you need to up a level.

This package was specifically designed to accommodate anyone who wants to get some of the most effective resistance training. The fact that you have 4 bands with the exact same resistance potential gives you the ability to have a resistance range of anything from 5kg-80kg, making it perfect for young & old, male & female, amateur or professional body builder.

The combined package weighs less than 2kg and easily fits into any backpack, ideal for the fit traveler.

With this package you’ll be able to do hundreds of different resistance training workouts, whether you want to target separate muscle groups, or do functional workouts.

To view workouts, sign up for the free full body workout program:

What’s in the box
4 x XZQ Bands
2 x XZQ Band Handles
2 x XZQ Band Ankle Straps


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