Waterplay Set with Waterwheels for Beach and Garden Play Fun (72 Piece)

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This translucent waterway set includes 72 pieces including 21 straight, 21 L-shaped, 7 T-shaped, 7 cross shape, 1 funnels, 3 stands, 2 water wheels, and 10 blockers.

What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with sand and water resources. Sand and Water can can involve sand, water, mud and other interesting materials. Different textures and consistencies can help children get used to different sensations and get a ‘feel’ for hands and fingers. Messy play is very creative allowing children the space to explore their imagination and express feelings. It’s also a fun way to increase vocabulary, social interaction and can provide hours of fun and discovery.
An excellent resource for the classroom. Children will have fun through play learning to build and construct the waterway. Children will enjoy the accomplishment of construction followed by pouring water down the funnel and watching where it flows. Children can construct many different waterways with this 72 piece set. Build a tall tower with many channels. Will keep children busy for hours!

An excellent resource for the classroom or home environment. Suitable for ages 3+ years.

What’s in the box
72 x Piece in Poly Bag (21 straight, 21 “L” shape, 7 “T” shape, 7 cross shape, 1 funnel, 3 stands, 2 water wheels, 10 blockers)

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