Vitamin B Complex Shot Fizzy Effervescent Tablets – Pack of 10

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– Tired? Stressed? Forgetful?
– Feel like you need some EXTRA help?
– Bco+ SHOT FIZZY with 500mg Vitamin C gives you that extra boost when you need it most.
– Ideal for helping improve Focus, boosting Energy and combating Tiredness while helping to support the Immune System.
– Bco SHOT FIZZY has higher levels of B Vitamins than similar products.

Why do individuals need to supplement with a vitamin B complex?
– Vitamin B’s as a group are water soluble and therefore can’t be stored in the body, constant, daily replenishment is required to meet the body’s needs every day
– Vitamin B’s are heat sensitive and are easily destroyed during the processing of fresh produce and during cooking

Special patient groups who would benefit from B complex shot:
Due to the high levels of Vitamin B6 and B12, the following specific patient groups would benefit from taking B CO SHOT:
– Strict vegetarians and vegans
– Individuals consuming a high protein diet (NB: individuals Banting or on a no carb diet)
– Individuals taking fibrates for cholesterol reduction
– High performance athletes and sports people
– Individuals at risk of heart disease
– Stressed individuals – both physical and mental
– Individuals recovering from an illness particularly stress related illness
– Individuals who consume alcohol (alcohol depletes levels of Vit B6 and 12)
– Women taking oral contraceptives (homocysteine levels are elevated)

What’s in the box
10 x Vitamin B Complex Shot Fizzy Effervescent Tablets

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