Verimark – Miracle Grill Mat


Verimark introduces the Miracle Grill Mat – it turns any surface into a grill and it makes it completely non-stick.
With the Grill Mat you can make breakfast directly on your grill, you can even cook an egg on it.

Grilled vegetables are amazing but trying to do them on the braai never works as they fall right through. But with the Miracle Grill Mat you can grill vegetables right beside your meat and you never lose that great barbecue flavour.

Flares can ruin your meat but with the Miracle Grill Mat there’s never any flare up. Burnt sauces and marinades make for a cleaning nightmare, but with the Miracle Grill Mat clean-up is a breeze.
If you’ve ever tried to grill fish you know it just flakes and falls apart on a grill, but with the Miracle Grill Mat you get perfect fish every time.

Get your Miracle Grill Mat now!

– 100% non-stick
– Stops flare ups
– Food won’t fall through
– Re-usable & easy to clean
– Works on any grill
– Can be used in the oven

What’s in the box
1 x Miracle Grill Mat

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