USN Pure Glutamine – 150g+150g


A pure free-form anti-catabolic amino acid used to help improve recovery and increase muscle strength and prevent muscle breakdown while stimulating natural hGH production. During intense training, your muscle L-Glutamine levels drop sharply. This, in turn, decreases strength, stamina and recovery.
Research demonstrates that following a rigorous workout, it may take up to six days for L-Glutamine levels to return to normal without supplementation. Without adequate levels of L-Glutamine, it is impossible for protein synthesis to occur.
L-Glutamine also increases cell volumisation immediately. Volumised muscle cells appear larger, get a better pump and assist in protein synthesis. In fact, L-Glutamine helps muscle cells to utilize both protein and carbohydrates.
L-Glutamine acts as a powerful ammonia scavenger. Ammonia is a highly toxic substance to muscle cells. Research demonstrates that the muscles can benefit from 2 to 5 additional grams of L-Glutamine daily.
– Helps reduce muscle breakdown
– May speed up recovery
– Increases muscle stamina and strength
Directions for use:
-Take one serving prior to work out and another serving following your workout
– For best results, take a last serving prior to bedtime
Kindly note that we do not give any medical advice.

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