Surge Swim Training Belt

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Adjustable SURGE Swim Training Belt.

The new SURGE Swim Training Belt is designed for a stationary swim in a controlled environment. Special attention was given to develop the Surge Swim Belt for use in your home swimming pool, saving you hours going to the gym.

The Surge Swim Belt is suitable for professional training as well as general exercise and can be used for Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly. It is ideal for endurance training and perfecting your stroke and can be used with other training aids such as paddles, buoys, kickboards, and flippers.

Experiment with different stroke techniques and see if you can stay in your position or even gain ground using various technique adjustments.

The Surge Swim Belt comes with a 1m stretch cord and depending on your swim strength can stretch up to 4m. The Neoprene waist strap is adjustable and a one size fits all.

Just place the soft neoprene band around your waist and tie the anchor point to a fixed position. From there, you just get into the water and go for a regular swim.

We have conveniently designed the Swim Training belt with two types of anchor points:
A loop strap to affix your training belt on an anchor point in or outside your pool.
Pool net hook that conveniently hooks into the same brackets as your swimming pool net. Should you not have a pool net, we have included a bracket for easy assembly.

What’s in the box
1 x Rubber resistance leash 1m – 4m
1 x Adjustable Neoprene waist swimming belt
1 x Nylon carry bag
1 x Pool net plate, hook and screws

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