Surfer Dudes Wave Powered – Surfboard Beach Toy Sumatra Sam


Award winning surf toy – Just toss it into the waves and watch them go. – The perfect beach toy for outdoor fun. – Patented self righting design means they catch a wave every time. – The ultimate mini-surfer. The perfect beach gift comes with gnarly graphics and an unsinkable board. -Introducing the world’s first self-righting, self-surfing, surfer dude toy. – The perfect beach toy for kids and adults. Don’t just sit in the sand. Just toss your dudes into the surf and they’ll automatically turn around and catch a wave. – No batteries required. The secret is in our patented self-righting hydrodynamic manta wing and unsinkable board. Sweet. The are 6 cool surfer guys and girls to choose from including: – Bali Bobbi (Pink) – Aussie Alice (Green) – Costa Rica Rick (Yellow/Orange) – Donegan Doolin (Green) – Hossegor Hank (Light Blue) – Sumatra Sam (Orange/Yellow) Collect the whole sand toy set. These toys are easy to assemble and ready to ride. Get outside with this unique and fun toy. For once pick a cool toy dad. Don’t call us beach dolls – we’re surfer dudes. For ages 3 and up

What’s in the box
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