Sfera Maca Extra Strength – 60 Capsules


Sfera Maca Extra Strength – 60 Capsules

Mechanism of Action of Lepidium Meyenii. Lepidium meyenii (Maca) supports the endocrine system by stimulating the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland controls the ovaries and testes maintaining the steroid hormones in healthy levels. Maca also act on the adrenals, pancreas and thyroid.

By doing so, Maca nourishes the body and promotes its natural ability to normalize the levels of steroid hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The most impressive property of Maca is that it does not contain hormones itself. Instead it provides a unique set of nutrients that helps to balance the endocrine system.

– Optimal functioning of vital organs
– Strengthening the immune system: Contains notable levels of vitamin c, zinc and a host of other beneficial nutrients
– Menopause symptoms relief: Maca may help the body to normalize oestrogen imbalance in an entirely different way than phytoestrogen herbs, Maca shows potential as natural HRT alternative
– PMS symptoms relief
– Increased physical and mental activity: Maca contains complex carbohydrates for more energy
– Sexual functioning: When the endocrine system maintains testosterone and oestrogen hormones in balanced levels, it notably may improve sexual functioning
– Fertility Enhancement: Maca stimulates each sex to respond in a gender appropriate manner, in females Maca my help to increase egg follicle maturation and increase the number of follicles, in males, it increases sperm count as well as increased sperm motility
– Maca has been shown protect cells against oxidative damage

– Warranty: Non-returnable

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