Resistance Bands 11 Piece Set (45KG)

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Safe And Durable, These fitness bands are made of 100% natural high-quality latex, non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to the skin. High-quality and highly elastic materials have excellent tear-resistance and durability. It can maintain its maximum resistance even after repeated stretching and use. The padded handle and thick ankle strap provide optimal comfort and protection during training.

5 different fitness bands for 5 different resistance levels, you can choose the appropriate training intensity. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner, whether you are male or female.

With these perfect resistance bands, you can train muscles in different parts of the body from different directions. Very suitable for strength and flexibility training, such as fitness, weight loss, postpartum recovery, physical therapy, yoga, pilates, rehabilitation after injury, etc. These bands can easily be used in any of your fitness programs.

These fitness bands are light and fold-able, taking up little space. They can be easily placed in your storage bag (supplied) and can be used at home, gym or travel. You can do full-body workouts anywhere, anytime.

11 Piece Resistance Bands Kit – 5 color variant resistant tube bands

What’s in the box
1 x Black, 1,2m band 13,6Kg Resistance Strength.
1 x Blue, 1,2m band 11,3Kg Resistance Strength.
1 x Red, 1,2m band 9.06 Kg Resistance Strength.
1 x Green, 1,2m band 6,80Kg Resistance Strength.
1 x Yellow, 1,2m band 4,5Kg Resistance Strength.
1 x Black Carry Bag
1 x Black Door Anchor
2 x Black Ankle Straps
2 x Black Cushioned Handles

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