Refill Foam Darts Bullets for Nerf Toy Guns – 200 Pack-7.2 x 1.3cm BLUE


Sufficient quantity?The refill pack includes 200pcs of bullet darts for Nerf N-strike elite series blasters.Size is- Length: 7.2cm Diameter: 1.3cm
Universal Refill Darts:Nerf Darts fits for NERF A0707 A0709 A0710 A0711 A3844 A0712 A0713 A0714 A0715 CS-35 NERF H34069 A4492 and suitable for toy guns that take standard nerf bullets.
High Quality and Safe:The bullet darts are made from non-toxic foam. The solid tip is a little bit heavier and harder than the nerf ones and they actually fly a bit faster and farther. The refill darts are built with good tenacity. They can be used repeatedly.
Warning and Our Suggestion: Always use protective glasses and thick long-sleeved clothing when children use. Don’t leave any areas of kids’ body open.Please never shoot direct at somebody’s face to prevent an injury to the eye.

What’s in the box
200pcs of bullet darts (1 (pack)


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