Mix Box Retractable Dog Lead – 5m


Pet dog lead
Instant retractable extendable 5m dog lead, lead dog flexibly & freely

How to use a retractable dog leash properly:
– It doesn’t cause the dog to become breathless
– Always hold the leash by the handle, never by the belt
– You may be accidentally injured while it’s retracting once attached
– Stretch the leash at the right distance make sure your dog isn’t too far away to pull the dog back safely if your dog gets too far, lock the brake button and lower your arm to your side
– While walking, unlock the brake to pick the slack from the leash
– Repeat this until your dog is close enough to you
– If you think your dog may suffer from a dangerous situation, keep your dog close to your side with the brake pressed and the leash extended to only a short length.
– Do not give the leash too much slack, this could harm you and your dog if they decide to bolt off somewhere!
– If your leash gets wet during your walk, extend the leash to it’s maximum length to let it dry
– Let your dog rest during and after your walk if they have to, especially if it’s hot!
– Above all, make sure to enjoy yourself with your beloved pet

Some of the benefits for you and your dog:
– Comfortable modern ergonomic design
– Secure locking mechanism prevents your dog from getting lost
– Lightweight but sturdy and durable retractable brake system allows instant retraction of the leash whenever required

– Weigth: 385g
– Size: 7.64″ x 4.13″ x 1.38″
– Shell Material: ABS plastic
– Rope material: Nylon + Ribbon
– Adjustable length: 5m nylon leash

What’s in the box
Mix Box Retractable Dog Lead – 5m

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