Biotin 5mg – 60 Vegicaps


Biotin is by far the most potent and active ingredient in almost all natural supplements on the market today that focus on the appearance of hair, skin and nails. Commonly known as Vitamin B7, this particular super-charged B-Vitamin is the everyday hero for all your beauty and health promoting needs. From strong healthy hair and nails, to clear, younger-looking skin and increased metabolism…Biotin is your daily visit to your beautician and stylist… in capsule form! 60 Vegicaps Biotin is an essential supplement in your daily beauty regime! BioLife Biotin is proudly South African and packs a large, healthy dose of pure Biotin into a vegan-friendly Vegicap. Our Biotin contains exceptional hair growth and strengthening properties and is safe to use in conjunction with other daily health supplementation. It also helps with brittle, weak nails and common skin nasties such as rashes and dermatitis. Want to know another little bonus? Increased metabolism, improved macronutrient synthesis, blood glucose stabiliser and effective weight management. It truly is a wonder tonic for your body! Take 1 to 2 capsules daily. These Vegicaps are completely natural and will not have any effect on medication, but if you are unsure consult your healthcare practitioner. Vitamin B7 (5000mcg Biotin)

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