Clear Body, Clear Mind

Discover the all-natural regimen designed to free you from the negative mental and

physical effects of accumulated drugs and toxins in your system—forever.


he truth is, our world is swimming in toxic substances: recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, pollutants, household chemicals, food preservatives and on and on. These substances can lodge in your body for years, dull your senses, reduce your ability to think clearly and worse, prevent any advancement in mental and spiritual well-being.

Clear Body, Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard gives a full description of the Purification Program, an all-natural regimen designed to eliminate the accumulated drugs and toxins from one's system and free you from the devastating effects they have on the body, mind and spirit.

Tens of thousands of people from all over the world and all walks of life report life-changing results from this program, including:

Physically I feel younger. I have more energy and I am much more outgoing and happy. When I first started the Purification Programme, I had a lot of things which were sort of clinging to me and weighing me down.
It was like an everpresent gloom. I am separated from that now. I also used to have this terror stomach with negative thoughts and now they are gone. My mood is higher than it has ever been and I am much calmer in my environment. —Robbie S

Ability to think clearly

Increased energy, enthusiasm and vitality

Greater mental alertness and ability to concentrate

Dramatically improved wellness and happiness

A more positive attitude toward life

A heightened sense of spiritual well-being

Discover for yourself the miracle of the Purification Program with Clear Body, Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard.



Toxins I didn’t know I had were coming out of my body during the Purification Program. I even had makeup come out of my skin. I was also surprised at how much radiation I’d been exposed to and which then discharged during the program.
Negative emotions which came from toxins in my body disappeared for good during the program. There was also alcohol in my system that had been affecting me on a day-to-day basis and which now isn’t there anymore. The service I received throughout the program was incredible. I feel now that my future is extremely bright, and I am very excited about it. —Alicia K, Actress
With inevitable talk of L. Ron Hubbard’s purification and detoxification methods within medical/scientific circles came the inevitable scientific appreciation. Here is a sampling of statements from professionals in various fields:


"In the course of my work as a medical professional, I have had the opportunity to observe firsthand the results of the Purification program, and have found them to be nothing less than miraculous. The people I have put through the program include patients with minor effects of residual toxins, people who were exposed to toxic chemicals on the job, casual drug users and long-term heavy drug users with bodies ravaged from the effects of those drugs. The depression, hopelessness and fear which often accompany such problems were also evident in many of these patients. Upon completion of the Purification program, these people were changed, both physically and mentally."

-David E. Root, MD, MPH, Senior Medical Advisor New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project

I noticed an increase in many of my perceptions. For example, my eyesight and my hearing, my sense of smell as well as my sense of taste have all been heightened. I feel cleaner and have more energy.
Running was a sport I always avoided. But now I enjoy it and it’s easy. I now know that my energy production is not at all reliant upon any form of stimulants, like coffee and tea or even quick fix ‘natural’ energy bars. I no longer need coffee. I have also eliminated sugar from my daily food regime. The sugar from fruit can give me the energy and alertness I want. The Purification Program has given me so many gains. —Lisa B


"The Hubbard detoxification program was developed in the 1970s primarily to assist recovering drug addicts by flushing out drug and chemical residues. The program has since undergone some ten independent scientific studies documenting the program's safety and effectiveness for lowering body burdens of industrial chemicals and pesticides." -Michael Wisner, Author

Mr. Wisner has authored or co-authored over a dozen published scientific research papers and articles on human detoxification.

The Research Center for Dependency Disorders and Chronic Pain, in a recent scientific study of the Purification Program, found that residual drugs were definitely eliminated from the body, confirming Mr. Hubbard’s findings

“As the developer of this sauna sweat-out program, L. Ron Hubbard found that drug residues/metabolites store in the fatty tissue of the body for long periods of time. I am amazed at the accuracy of his findings. The graphs and initial report show what we have expected for some time—drugs definitely are coming out during this program.”

-Forest Tennant, M.D., Dr. P.H., Executive Director, Research Center for Dependency Disorders and Chronic Pain

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